August 11, 2022
Why you might soon need a password for many deliveries

Why soon you might need a password for deliveries

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Amazon is currently testing some changes that affect online shipping. In the future, a password will probably be required for some deliveries. In addition, there will soon be a new option for express delivery. You can find out what customers need to know here.

Online retailer Amazon is currently introducing a new security feature. This is apparently mainly used for high-quality articles. At the moment, however, it does not seem to be generally active. While it seems to be already active with the authors of Caschy’s blog, who first reported on the new feature, it was not yet activated during a test in Berlin, even for orders worth more than a thousand euros.

For secure delivery with a one-time password, Amazon has already set up a help page that explains how it works. Accordingly, in the future, you will receive a one-time password from Amazon for certain deliveries that exceed a value that is not publicly defined. Amazon will send you this one-time password to your email address as soon as your delivery is on its way to you. You can also look it up in the customer menu under “My orders” and “Track delivery”.

At Amazon: delivery without signatures cause problems and packages that have disappeared

With the beginning of the corona pandemic, all parcel services, including Amazon and its own suppliers, began delivering parcels without a signature. Obviously, this often leads to problems with missing packages. This is a problem, especially with expensive items. Now Amazon is responding with a change. It can be assumed, however, that this only applies to the company’s own couriers.

According to this, the courier may only give you the goods in the case of a stored one-time password if you tell him the correct password. It is currently unclear whether he has to enter this into a terminal or whether he can see it beforehand on his terminal and only have to synchronize it.

To make sure that the courier does not disappear with the package, it would make more sense that the courier does not know the password. If he sees it, the additional security only relates to the fact that not some neighbor or random passer-by intercepts the parcel without an ID check.

Delivery to your neighbors remains possible if you wish. You just have to give them the one-time password before delivery. On the other hand, Amazon warns, you should only give the driver the password personally, not over the phone.

If Amazon does not find anyone who knows the one-time password, the delivery should take place again the next day. But then there will obviously be a new one-time password. Because, according to Amazon, the password is only valid until the end of the day of delivery.

New shipping option: Amazon express mind

However, the “one-time password” will not be the last change. The online retailer is currently testing the option of “free express delivery” or Amazon express delivery. However, the new shipping option is not yet usable for everyone.

Previously, the “Amazon Evening Express” was a service that ensures that the package should arrive by 10 p.m. in the evening. With the new shipment, the package does not necessarily have to be delivered on the same day, but the product information will show the time of the earliest possible delivery time. So you know whether the ordered product will be delivered by express until “tomorrow 1 p.m.”, for example. However, this information can only be seen in the product information, not the delivery information.


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