May 25, 2022
Top games for quarantine_ These are the top games for online gaming

Top games for quarantine: These are the top games for online gaming

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The number of corona infections is increasing nationwide, winter is approaching, the federal government is taking action: new exit and contact restrictions will probably apply until the end of November – restaurants are also to close and retailers are to adjust their hygiene concepts.

So that the lockdown blues doesn’t turn out too bad, we have put together the best games against Corona boredom that you can play online with friends. Also included: hit games like Among Us or insider tips à la Jackbox Party Pack.

Among Us, FIFA 22, Fall Guys: Well-known games for the lockdown

Among Us is the hype game of the moment. There is hardly a game that gets so much attention on YouTube or the Twitch streaming platform. This is about a spaceship crew into which one to three fraudsters have sneaked in to sabotage the crew. Meanwhile, the crew has to do various tasks on the map. Extreme addiction! And best of all: The game is completely free for Android and iPhone.

Not much needs to be said about FIFA in general. In the video above you can see how good we think the current offshoot, FIFA 22, is. The soccer simulation is good every year for fun, but also for controversy – but always for thrilling duels with friends.

Another hype game this year was Fall Guys. On the first weekend, the reinterpretation of Battle Royale already had more active games than GTA V! In the style of Takeshi’s Castle, you have to climb platforms in turns, avoid obstacles or escape slime.


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