August 12, 2022

The Most Privileged Nations in the World

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Privilege is one of the most crucial aspects associated with quality of life. And since it varies from nation to nation based on their rules and regulations, not everyone on this earth gets to be privileged. So if you are interested in knowing which countries are amongst the most privileged nations in the world, keep reading this article. We will be sharing the name of those countries based on ranking. The basis of being privileged will be associated with career opportunities, liberty and life satisfaction, safety and health, as well as finance. Here you will find out what being privileged actually means.

Privileged Nations Based On Finance

The financial privilege of a nation is defined by three factors, which include the number of millionaires, income, and wealth. On the basis of these factors, Switzerland has ranked the highest. It is then followed by Australia, Iceland, the United States, and Luxembourg. This means that the wealth of these nations is the highest and thus, the residents are considered to be privileged with regard to matters of finance.

Privileged Nations Based On Safety and Health

If the health of its people is among the top priorities of the nation, the people are greatly privileged. With regard to this, several factors contribute to the safety and health of a nation’s residents, which include risk of accidents, risk of homicides, quality of air, life expectancy, expenditure on health, and social cohesion. Based on such factors, the residents of Canada are the most privileged ones in the world. Then come the people of France, Spain, Italy, Norway, and Sweden.

Privileged Nations Based On Liberty and Life Satisfaction

What is life without freedom? This makes liberty and life satisfaction one of the four most important factors when it comes to privilege. This is why nations that are focused on providing freedom to their citizens tend to pay attention to the satisfaction and happiness of people, gender parity, freedom of travelling, and human rights. Thus, the nation which has been successful in offering freedom to its people and has, therefore, ranked the highest is Norway. This is followed by Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland respectively.

Privileged Nations Based On Career Opportunities

Along with quality education, the employment rate of a nation determines the extent to which its people are privileged with regard to career opportunities. Since it is employment that eventually defines the income, it is crucial to make sure that the employment rate of the nation is high. Thus, on the basis of equality of income, growth opportunities, employment, productivity, schooling, and higher education, Norway tops the list. It is followed by Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, and Canada.

The Bottom Line

In this article, the most privileged nations of the world were discussed, based on a study by ABCD Agency which included research on four factors with a total of 19 areas of influence. These demonstrate the extent to which privilege is dependent on many aspects, including freedom, career opportunities, safety and health, and finance.

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