August 11, 2022
Logitech G Pro Review

Logitech G Pro Review

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With the Logitech G Pro, the Swiss manufacturer offers a very competent gaming headset at a fair price. In practice, it convinces with a rich bass and clear voices, and the recordings with the pleasantly sensitive microphone are also pleasing. If you want to adjust the sound, you can use the software to create a coordinated EQ profile and save it on the external USB sound card. However, the disturbances caused by the cord cable are unpleasant, while mobility is limited by the lack of foldability.

Logitech G Pro Test: high-quality headset with all-round features

The Logitech G Pro has a headband made of steel with so-called “memory foam” as well as an aluminum fork and synthetic leather. The stylish workmanship makes a very stable impression in practice, without creaking when in use. The detachable microphone is flexible and soft. With a weight of 320 grams, the headset is not too heavy on the head and does not exert too much pressure.

On the other hand, we found the two-meter-long cord cable uncomfortable. When the head is moved, this causes noises that can be heard in the headphones. The cable itself has volume control and a button for switching the microphone on and off. There is no need to control the headset itself. The connection is possible via 3.5mm or USB – a Y-splitter for separating headphones and microphone is included.

The included external USB sound card is also interesting. You can use the G-Hub software to create customized equalizer profiles and save them on the card. In this way, the optimized settings can also be used directly on other systems. The function of user-profiles created directly by various e-athletes is also interesting.

Excellent sound in voice chat

The 50-millimeter speakers in the Logitech G Pro cut a very good figure in the test. The general sound quality is convincing across the board. The headset offers a powerful bass and shows voices clearly and distinctly. In the subjective assessment, our experts give it the highest rating. The JBL Quantum 800, for example, performed just as well in the past.

High-quality microphone performance

The microphone is an important aspect of headsets. In this regard, Logitech delivers high quality with the G Pro. The 6-millimeter boom microphone can be removed if necessary, but can also be bent very easily. It is unidirectional and equipped with a pop filter.

In practice, the electret microphone is very sensitive, which means that even whispers are excellently picked up. Recordings are generally very clear, disturbances from the environment are almost completely hidden.

Typing on the keyboard was definitely audible in the test, but at such a quiet level that it is hardly noticeable. The cord cable noises mentioned at the beginning are also barely audible in the recording. The microphone can be quickly muted using a button on the cable.

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