August 11, 2022
Is Gambling Helping or Hurting the eSports Industry

Is Gambling Helping or Hurting the eSports Industry?

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So far, 2021 has been big for the eSports betting market. Companies such as Vulcun, AlphaDraft, and Unikrn only emerged at the beginning of 2015, but have now grown to big brands in this growing industry.

Additionally, over the past few years, most companies have indicated that they would bring eSports gambling to their products portfolio. Seeing all these new developments brings to light questions of how gambling will affect the eSports industry.

How gambling will affect the eSports market

It’s important to note that when money gets involved in anything, the experience completely changes.

Watching your team battle against another team is breathtaking, but when the outcome of the match determines whether or not you’ll win money, the involvement is more intense, which can be negative or positive. Because attitude towards betting usually differs from one person to another, it’s hard to establish who takes it seriously and those that have a normal and healthy attitude towards gambling.

A person can greatly benefit from having betting added to the game, but it could also result in a very negative experience, particularly if lots of emotions are put into it.

There are several things one should consider when introducing gambling to the new sport and subjects like keeping the game unbiased, appropriate safeguards, legality, and ensuring that no one misuses it.

Community Perspective To Gambling

In a new report, Bryce Blum, Unikrn director of eSports discussed different ways through which gambling can positively impact eSports.

Comparing several negative elements such as the potential for addiction and the lack of regulation, which aren’t new things to the betting market, he argued that with the right strategy, eSports gambling has a chance to positively affect the industry. However, some people might think that gambling would have a no-so-good effect on some games.

Match-fixing and getting involved with the wrong people is worth paying attention to and the question about whether safeguards and proper regulation will fix such issues hasn’t yet been answered.

While differences in opinion with regards to whether betting is bad or good for the eSports industry, browsing through the community’s perspectives leaves a view that the audience welcomes gambling in this industry.

Pros and Cons of eSports Betting

As mentioned above, some things might go wrong if gambling is introduced to the eSports market. However, for most people, personal interest usually takes priority over integrity, which means there’s always a possibility that things might go wrong, and this has already happened in the past. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that gambling will only hurt the community.

New studies show that there is a connection between viewership numbers and sports gambling and this is considered to be a great thing. More viewership will often result in the market being taken more seriously and possibly result in the need for transparency. Transparency significantly reduces the chances of things going wrong, particularly if companies that offer gambling products are properly regulated and monitored.

That said, if the threats and barriers are well addressed, gambling could have a positive impact on the eSports industry. With the recent growth of the eSports market, it’s highly likely that many new developments are on the way.

Managing The Drawbacks

Gambling addiction is a real problem. To some extent, accepting eSports betting comes at a cost. For example, the eSports audience largely comprises younger teenagers and adults and most of them haven’t reached the age they can gamble legally. These are some of the important issues that should be addressed before gambling becomes part of eSports.

That said, the fear of addiction to eSports gambling is not particularly based on addiction stats mainly because according to a survey undertaken by the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) sports gambling is not a common cause of betting addiction.


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