July 3, 2022
If You Are Controller Gamer You Probably Can Operate a Crane

If You Are Controller Gamer You Probably Can Operate a Crane

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When many people hear the word “Virtual Reality” most of them think of great VR games such as Trover Saves The Universe or Half-Life: Alyx and it’s easy to understand why. Over the past few years, the VR industry has grown immensely mainly because of the large number of gaming enthusiasts looking for more immersive experiences. What was once thought to be a wave that would soon die off, has instead flourished into a massive ecosystem, with major VR games being released every other day.

However, amidst the excitement of playing VR games, it’s easy to remember that the same traits that make Virtual Reality games enjoyable can be useful in other areas, one of them being operating a crane. As any seasoned crane operator will tell you, learning how to operate a crane requires lots of space to practice as well as fuel and of course a trainer to train and supervise students. But where live crane operations are unfeasible or inaccessible, you can rely on skills you’ve mastered as a controller game.

Here are a few crane operating skills you can sharpen while playing video games:

Performing Blind Lifts

Crane operators won’t always have a good visual effect; at times the load must be placed or lifted outside the operator’s line of sight. Several load-lifting scenarios that the VR games offer involve placing and picking loads while solely relying on a single person’s instructions, which requires lots of accuracy to not clip any sides or contact some unseen obstructions.

Settling A Load From The Death Spiral

One of the most vital skills that every crane operator should learn is catching a swinging load, particularly when the load wildly swings in circular motion also commonly known as the death spiral. Novice crane operators opt to swing away out of the moving load, accidentally worsening the problem. With VR games, you can practice how to control a swinging load and apply the same skills in real life.

Performing Critical Lifts

In few cases, operators are required to conduct lifts that need careful attention to a number of factors: heavy lifts, dangerous or delicate loads or proximity to the power lines can introduce the need for precise and careful load handling, even beyond what’s usually required. With the VR gamers, operators can practice some of these highly sensitive tasks without fear they will harm or hurt anyone.


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