July 3, 2022
How the Professional eSports Teams are Training

How the Professional eSports Teams are Training?

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Today, eSports is a very popular and omnipresent phenomenon. eSports teams usually compete in global tournaments in front of millions of viewers. To cope with the challenging situations and ensure they are in top form and also to counteract the health issues caused by special athlete profiles, eSports sportspersons need optimal mental, physical and cognitive abilities. It’s for this reason they need a holistic health management system.

A few years ago, eSports training used to be something that one could do from home, either with a team or by yourself over Skype or TeamSpeak. However, eSports has now grown to something that you can train seriously, not only from home but also at associations or clubs.

Professional Teams

There have been changes in the mindset among the best eSports teams. The managers and owners of these teams are now investing in their athlete’s overall health.

The top eSports players aren’t just being treated as gamers, but real professional athletes.

Professional eSports players pose great challenges for trainers. This is because training eSports gamers is slightly different than other types of sports. Here are some of the ways through which professional eSports teams are now training:

Eating Healthy

If you have a basic understanding of physical fitness, then you know working out in the gym isn’t enough, but just part of the process. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is important for good overall health.

Trainers of eSports players ensure their athletes eat the right type of food and the correct portion sizes. They know eating the right food can make a lot of difference in the overall performance.

By eating healthy food, the athletes help the body in different ways including:

  • Improve their mental capabilities
  • Function better
  • Having a high endurance

A proper diet can greatly improve an athlete’s mental focus. Having an edge in their reaction time, wakefulness, focus as well as clear strategic thinking is something that cant be taken for granted. eSports athletes need an edge in these areas because they compete with the top gamblers from across the globe.

Ninja Moves

As mentioned earlier, hand-eye coordination and reflex coordination are some of the most important building blocks for eSports players.

If you’ve ever watched the old kung-fu films, there are scenes where the ninja’s reflexes are so fast that they can even catch an arrow or fly. It’s this ninja reflex and speed that eSports athletes train to achieve.

Mental Exercises

Mental health is another important element of training in eSports. Trainers are largely focusing on mental health as the baseline for better performance.

The biggest concern that trainers have in eSports is stress. Beyond controlling the body’s stress levels, they also monitor the athlete’s depression. Players are fierce competitors, who are great, but at times the competitive edge can result in unhealthy stress levels.

Every gamer wants to win so bad that any thought of losing causes unwarranted stress in their bodies. And we all know lots of stress can cause serious health issues.

Coaches and trainers are now taking these mental issues very seriously. They are carefully watching every eSports athlete and ensuring they receive the care they need.


As you get started, you might be tempted to ignore your physical fitness, as you’ll spend most of your time traveling in your car or through airports to various tournaments. However, you can turn your small space into a gym where you can do some push-ups or simply run outside.

When everything else doesn’t seem to work, you should try yoga. While yoga and video gaming might seem worlds apart, there are several ways through which yoga can help boost your overall health.

Yoga isn’t just about stretching your muscles, but it’s also perfect for your mind. It can help manage your anxiety or stress, which ultimately makes you feel rejuvenated when competing.

Being a successful eSports athlete requires time management and lots of hard work.


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