May 25, 2022
Forza Horizon 5, Dying Light 2, Flight Simulator Highlights from Xbox Gamescom 2021

Forza Horizon 5, Dying Light 2, Flight Simulator: Highlights from Xbox Gamescom 2021

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Microsoft is one of the few publishers to use Gamescom at E3 level. Yesterday’s Xbox presentation again offered new announcements, updates, and interesting information about upcoming projects. We have summarized the highlights of the Gamescom stream for you here.

Gamescom 2021 begins. Well maybe not officially, the starting gun will not be fired until this evening with “Opening Night Live”, but the Xbox stream of Gamescom should already be set as one of the highlights of this year’s digital fair.

The great advantage of an Xbox presentation is that multi-platform titles are also regularly presented and shown here. This makes the stream, unlike a Nintendo Direct, for example, also interesting for non-Xbox players. A few months ago fans were surprised in a large E3 showcase with titles such as Forza Horizon 5 or Redfall, now the stream went into the second round.

In contrast to E3, however, there was no trailer after trailer, but individual titles were discussed much longer. This included interviews with developers, a classic stage moderation with Parris Lilly and Kate Yeager as well as detailed individual presentations.

The highlights of the Xbox Gamescom stream

We have compiled the games shown in the Gamescom stream from Microsoft for you to recap. As at E3, we differentiate between new revelations, updates to known projects, and games that have already been released for which updates or DLC have been announced.

The new announcements

Even if the new announcements decreased somewhat compared to E3, there were still a few surprises for fans to marvel at. We have compiled these candidates here – the links lead you to the respective trailers on the Xbox YouTube channel:

Into the pit

The effective roguelike shooter dispenses with firearms and lets you use your magical pens against demonic beings instead. The gameplay is reminiscent of Doom, GamePass subscribers can get started with the release on October 19th.

Stray Blade

In the German action RPG, you explore a world of legends that is supposed to change based on your battles and victories. The animal companion Boji stands by your side. The combat system in the first trailer is somewhat reminiscent of “Monster Hunter”. However, it won’t start until 2022.

Crusader Kings III

After the PC release 2020, the medieval strategy game will find its way to next-gen consoles. This includes an adapted controller control as well as the inclusion in the Game Pass. An exact date is still pending.

The updates

Even if these games have already been presented to the masses, they were discussed in more detail at Gamescom. Especially for Forza Horizon 5, there was plenty of fresh gameplay to marvel at. Here is the summary:

Dying Light 2

A new trailer for the zombie adventure takes us deeper into the world, shows impressive parkour gameplay, and gives insights into the development. From December 7th we too can immerse ourselves in the apocalypse.

Psychonauts 2

The platform that will be released today will be presented in a launch trailer and a developer interview.

The gunk

In the third-person action-adventure, you explore a supposedly extinct planet as a scrap collector. Presumably, because the parasite “gunk” is trying to kill you. We especially liked the gloomy surroundings. An exact release is still pending, but the title will be included in Day One in the Game Pass.

Forza Horizon 5

In a detailed presentation, new areas of the map, as well as previously unseen vehicles, were shown. A limited new controller in the Horizon design was also shown, which should convey the driving experience particularly well.

The replenishment

Player loyalty is particularly important for Game Pass titles. Unsurprisingly, the following titles will be provided with plenty of new content in the coming weeks and months.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Jorg Neumann, head of the FS team, is delighted in the interview about the soon-to-be-released “Top Gun” DLC and upcoming world updates. Certain areas – including Germany, Austria and Switzerland – will soon be represented in more detail via these. New (German) aircraft such as the so-called “ Tante Ju ” or the “ Volocity ” air taxi are also joining . Even air races should come into play.

Wasteland 3

The “Cult of the Holy Detonation” DLC finds its way into the post-apocalyptic role-playing game on October 5th. Again, decisions have an impact on the story, while the new boss fights should offer a breath of fresh air and more tactical depth.

Sea of ​​Thieves

The Borderlands-inspired Mayhem ship will be added to the pirate adventure for free. However, you only have until September 7th to take part in the associated event.

State of Decay 2

A continuation of the main story, a new map and new weapons find their way into the zombie survival game. The “Homecoming” update is coming on September 1st.

Xbox Game Pass: New information from Gamescom 2021

Almost all of the titles featured in the Xbox Gamescom stream will also be included in Microsoft’s subscription service – often from day one. The upcoming ” Humble Games ” projects are now added to the already extensive catalogue. Many people are already familiar with “Humble Bundle”, but the associated indie studios have also distinguished themselves in the past with strong in-house productions such as “Slay the Spire” or “A Hat in Time”. Some of these titles are already included in the Game Pass, the upcoming games will be added.

There was also new information about the cloud gaming service . This is already available for PC and smartphones and lets players immerse themselves directly in a game of their choice without the hassle of downloads or installations. Especially useful to try out a “Game Pass” title just for a short time. The service has now been announced for the Xbox consoles and is scheduled to go live at the end of 2021. Streams are offered in 1080p (Full HD) at 60 frames per second.

The special thing about it: Cloud gaming is also finding its way onto the Xbox One. This means that future next-gen exclusive titles will also be playable on the older systems. If you have a stable internet connection, this could make buying a console obsolete.

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