July 3, 2022
FIFA 22_ Ultimate Team news, release, and everything else you need to know

FIFA 22: Ultimate Team news, release, and everything else you need to know

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In a few months, FIFA 22 will be the next offshoot of EA’s globally popular football simulation.

The time will come soon and FIFA 22 will be available for PC and consoles. Fans of the soccer series look forward to exciting features, squad updates and better graphics on the new generation of consoles with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. The first information is slowly but surely seeping through – a short time after the European Football Championship, EA Sports should begin marketing.

EA Sports has put a lot of time into the popular Ultimate Team mode again. Division Rivals and FUT Champions have been redesigned. In addition, players can personalize the stadiums more and fight for victory in new co-op modes. You can find more about this in this video:

The release of FIFA 22 is getting closer and closer. While EA is still relatively covered with announcements, leakers are already running at full speed. DonkTrading, a previously reliable source for FIFA Insides, recently spoke of the “greatest win in FIFA history”: In the popular Ultimate Team mode, players should be able to switch off their opponents’ celebrations in the future. Instead of cheering you will see your own players trying to cope with the goal.

This is to take a lot of hatred from the community. There are probably only a few situations in games that are more inviting than a goal conceded in the 90th minute followed by provocative cheers. Everything stays the same for the goal scorers: The cheers run normally across the screen, as before.

FIFA 22: EA Sports shows first trailer (as of July 29)

EA Sports showed the first FIFA 22 gameplay trailer on social media. The upcoming football simulation is based on the new Hypermotion technology. Stars should now move even more realistically. More information on FIFA 22 will be available in the coming weeks.

EA Sports also showed the new cover star Kylian Mbappßé in a post. With this, the French superstar decorates the cover of the football simulation again after FIFA 21.

FIFA 22: when will the new game be released?

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021. If you  pre-order the more expensive “Ultimate Edition”, you can get started on September 27th.

Except for FIFA 21, the predecessors all appeared in September.

FIFA 21: October 09, 2020

FIFA 20: September 24, 2019

FIFA 19: September 28, 2018

FIFA 18: September 29, 2017

It is currently unclear whether a demo version will appear two weeks before the release. FIFA 21 could not be played in advance, but every other of the predecessors could. EA could finally reveal whether a demo for FIFA 22 will appear on July 22nd, along with new features – this is where EA Play Live will take place.

What licenses does EA Sports have this year?

In general, FIFA is always known for having an abundance of licenses. Most of the leagues, teams, players, and stadiums that can be played in FIFA have been faithfully recreated. But the competition from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) interferes more and more. Last year Konami, who also developed PES, made an exclusive deal with Juventus Turin and AS Roma. Since then, the teams can only be played as Piemonte Calcio and Roma FC – without original jerseys or stadium. Napoli will follow in 2022.

Bundesliga fans can breathe a sigh of relief, however: The German professional league will remain in FIFA for the next few years, the licenses have long been extended. However, it is not unlikely that other teams or leagues will no longer be found licensed in FIFA. We will learn more about this in the coming weeks.

More news and updates about FIFA 22 can be found here at Level Up until the release. You can read here how good we think FIFA 21 is .

FIFA 22: Beta test reveals new features in gameplay

In the first phase of the beta tests, there were already a few new features in the gameplay. Players should now have a third option to switch between characters. In addition to L1 / LB and the right analog stick, you should now be able to press the right analog stick to get a choice of three possible player changes.

In addition, EA has revised the pressing with a second man. Now a: e team-mate can: squeeze together with you in just a few seconds before returning to positional play.

However, EA canceled the current beta testing phase. The reason for this is probably too many leaks that the company does not like. In addition to gameplay changes, a possible logo has already been revealed , for example , although all testers have signed confidentiality agreements.

The well-known leaker KingLangpard recently posted a screenshot from the game. To see: After a match, a heat map is shown on which the range of movement of the players is shown. In addition, the “expected goals” statistic will be added to the menu in the future.


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