July 3, 2022
Even more popular than WhatsApp in Germany_ a must-have app for many students

Even more popular than WhatsApp in Germany: a must-have app for many students

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The summer holidays are coming to an end in more and more countries. An app is becoming increasingly popular: with “Untis Mobile”, schoolchildren across Germany can call up their current timetable.

“Back to school” is the motto for more and more schoolchildren in Germany. There are also new timetables for millions of students for the new school year. How can you easily remember that? The free Untis Mobile app provides a remedy.

The free app brings the latest timetable from many schools to the Android smartphone or iPhone of students, teachers, and parents. Daily changes, such as lost hours or substitute hours, are compared online and sent via push notification. Once viewed, timetables are permanently available offline.

Untis Mobile uses the data from the Untis timetable creation software, which is very popular throughout Europe and used by many schools. Pupils, teachers, and parents can then access the timetables on the move using login data or a QR code from the respective school. Does your school also use Untis Mobile? You can find out by using the search function integrated in the app or by asking your school directly.

Untis Mobile: Extended premium version with even more features

In order to be able to use the app to its full extent in premium mode, an annual subscription of around 5 euros is usually due.

In the premium version, the timetable app offers a number of useful additional functions. You can put timetable widgets on your home screen on an Android smartphone, timetables can be designed optically, the app then allows mute during lessons and enables teachers to search for free rooms directly on their mobile phones. In addition, parents should be able to register for office hours, examination lists including a reminder function can be created and pupils/parents can transmit absences in the event of illness.


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