July 3, 2022
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​Cheapest Supermarkets in the UK Revealed

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Looking for a great deal on food, electronics, household items, and more? If so, the UK supermarkets with the best deals might surprise you. We investigated prices at Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco, Ocado, and Morrisons to see the supermarkets that offer the most savings.

It’s without a doubt that the cost of groceries and food is a significant concern for many Britons. A recent survey showed that 64% of Britons are concerned about the cost of grocery and household food expenses.

Furthermore, about 70% of Britons think expenses and household bills have significantly increased in the past year. Value for money is a great concern for consumers, so we created a shopping list of 23 items, grabbed our bags, and hit these supermarkets to find out where we could find the biggest bargains.

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Which UK Supermarket Has The Cheapest Groceries?

It isn’t surprising that Aldi has the cheapest groceries. The biggest price difference was on seedless grapes and own label melons. Own label melons had a difference of £1.42 between Waitrose and Aldi. The seedless grapes had a difference of £1.32.

This is the second time that Aldi has emerged as the cheapest shop by consumer site. After comparing a basket of 23 items, we found that customers pay £24.24 for items at Aldi. This is £9 less than the most pricey supermarket, Waitrose that’s charging customers £33.81 for the same items.

Lidl just narrowly missed out on getting the title of the cheapest supermarket in the UK, as it was only 73p costly than Aldi with the same items costing £24.97. Asda took third place with items being less expensive at only £25.94, whereas Ocado was among the priciest shops, charging customers £29.95.

Here is the final list, starting with the priciest to the cheapest:

  • Waitrose: £33.81
  • Ocado: £29.95
  • Tesco: £28.64
  • Morrisons: £28.31
  • Sainsbury: £27.71
  • Lidl: £24.97
  • Aldi: £24.24

Savings On Supermarket Brands

Switching to Aldi and Lidl supermarkets can provide substantial savings. Compared to other shops like Waitrose, you can save £9 at Coles and £8.84 at Aldi for the same products, that’s a great saving at major supermarkets.

When shopping, it’s important to keep a watchful eye for the ‘phantom brands’ that are just supermarket brands in disguise. For example, Ocado has several of such phantom brands available, some of which made it to our baskets:

  • Vevelle tissues
  • Shine dishwashing liquid
  • Frey chocolate
  • Clean laundry detergent
  • Balnea hand wash
  • Armada cling wrap

It’s possible that by impersonating branded products, the phantom brands could help counter customer perception that some supermarket brands are not of good quality. It’s a fascinating approach, but with a few risks.

The phantom brand product might offer real value for money and be of great quality, but if customers find out that they are buying a product that’s owned by the supermarket when in a real sense they thought they were buying and supporting an independent brand, then they might feel duped.

Supermarket Market Share

Locked down brits spent £15.2 billion more on groceries over the past one year after the covid19 pandemic forced the closure of restaurants and pubs. A recent survey showed that households spent about £4,800 in supermarkets over a period of 12 months.

Tesco, which is also the biggest supermarket chain in the UK, emerged as the winner with its sales rising to 13.2%. Sainsbury saw the sales rise by 12.1% and Morrison’s notched up 13.9%. It isn’t surprising that Tesco has the largest market share in the UK.

Final Thoughts

Although Morrisons has warned that the cost of items will go up, chancellor Rishi Sunak also warned that shortages might hit families. The prices might have pumped up for several reasons largely due to Britons’ panic buying goods or the lack of enough lorry drivers, which means deliveries aren’t being made on time. Experts have also warned that the rise in the cost of goods might also lead to increased cost of inflation.

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