July 3, 2022
Apple Watch clone with Google system Oppo Watch put to the test

Apple Watch clone with Google system: Oppo Watch put to the test

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The Oppo Watch 41mm is externally reminiscent of the Apple Watch, but runs with Google’s WearOS. Compared to the model from Cupertino, buyers have to make some compromises: the equipment leaves something to be desired in some cases, and the battery life is rather poor in the test: the smartwatch only lasted one day at a time. The included bracelet could also be too small for many users. After all, Oppo doesn’t do anything wrong with WearOS when it comes to software and the performance is also okay.

Oppo Watch 41mm Review: The design looks familiar

The Oppo Watch makes no secret of its role model. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Chinese manufacturer’s smartwatch runs with Google’s WearOS. This makes the Oppo Watch one of the few WearOS watches with a square design. Many other manufacturers are increasingly relying on round models – and are thus based on classic wristwatches.

Our test copy measures 41 millimeters in width, the height is okay at 11 millimeters. The weight is very positive: it weighs just around 53 grams and is hardly noticeable on the wrist. This is a big plus, especially for active users. If the Oppo Watch is too small, light and compact for you, Oppo also has a larger version with a width of 46 millimeters available.

Oppo Watch 41mm: margins like a flagship phone

The case of the Oppo Watch 41mm is made of plastic, feels nonetheless of very high quality, and in no way makes a cheap impression. On the front, there is an OLED display that is not exactly small at 1.6 inches diagonally. The angular display is 27 millimeters wide and 30 millimeters high. With a resolution of 360 x 320 pixels, the result is a pixel density of pleasantly sharp 305 ppi. The use of the smartwatch via touchscreen is also very pleasant, as the side edges of the display are curved backward. This again gives a higher quality impression.

The battery is a disappointment

As in many current WearOS smartwatches, the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 is used as the processor in the Oppo Watch 41mm. With four cores and a clock rate of up to 1.2 gigahertz, it offers enough power in everyday life to ensure smooth operation. Nevertheless, we noticed some stutters or delays in our everyday tests. The CPU is supported by 1 gigabyte of RAM. The bottom line is that the performance is good, but not perfect.

However, we are disappointed with the battery life. Oppo relies on a battery capacity of 300 mAh, which has already provided better runtimes in other smartwatches. But the Oppo Watch neither lasted for a full day in our laboratory test nor in the everyday test.

It doesn’t even have an always-on display. In our test center, we measure a runtime of a good 15 hours with typical everyday use – a very poor value compared to comparable devices in our list of the best. Users charge the watch wirelessly. A full charge takes around 80 minutes.

Oppo Watch 41mm: The bracelet is quite small

In terms of software, Google’s latest WearOS is used on the Oppo Watch, which the manufacturer has adapted in some places. The PlayStore with WearOS apps is on board. Of course, the watch offers basic functions, including an appointment overview, weather forecast, stopwatch, and navigation, and the Google Assistant can also be called up on the Oppo Watch at any time.

There is an integrated microphone for voice commands. However, the assistant can only answer visually on the display – Oppo does without a loudspeaker.

Unfortunately, the 41mm version of the watch is only available for purchase in a WiFi version, there is no LTE version of the watch. GPS and NFC for contactless payment via Google Pay are included. The manufacturer has also thought of an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness.

The pulse sensor on the underside of the watch works optically and continuously measures how your heartbeat changes over the course of the day. This is an indispensable feature especially for sport, especially since the Oppo Watch, with a water resistance of up to three meters, is also suitable for swimming.

With its eight gigabytes internal memory, the Oppo Watch is only available in black for 250 euros. The watch is compatible with Android and iOS cell phones. In combination with an iPhone, however, the range of functions is limited, so that you cannot, among other things, write replies to incoming messages.

We recommend trying the watch on before buying, as the silicone strap supplied is noticeably short. If necessary, you need a second interchangeable bracelet, which in the case of the Oppo Watch, however, has to be an original strap from the manufacturer.

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