July 3, 2022
5 cheapest electric bikes

UK’s 5 Cheapest Electric Bikes ✅ Budget Bikes Under £1,000

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Indeed, the thought of buying an affordable electric bike seemed an impossible deal in the past. With the advancements in battery technology, many top-ranked companies make e-bikes that cost less than £1000. Of course, these bikes are a great option for those looking to start cycling on the e-bike.

Having a cheap electric bike in the UK can benefit you in numerous ways. One of the major advantages of an electric bike is that you don’t have to pay for fuel expenses anymore. An electric bike can help you save money in the long run.

As you may already know, such a bike uses a rechargeable battery which allows you to travel up to 50 miles depending on the brand you select. Most importantly, there is no need for registration and number plates when it comes to electric bikes.

No doubt, having an e-bike may be the best option for you. In this article, we will review the UK’s Top 5 cheapest electric bikes. Let’s get started and find out more!

HYUHOME Electric Bike

Here comes one of the cheapest electric bikes in the UK – HYUHOME Electric Bike. Available for only £759, it is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Most importantly, it has a customer rating of 4 stars, which is a great plus point. The Hyuhome bike has been a top-ranked and hot-selling e-bike for quite some time.

This electric bike has a unique design, incorporating front-suspension shocks for increased comfort. Moreover, the design of the e-bike ensures a comfortable ride even on uneven terrain. It comes with anti0slip mountain bike tires that can help to maintain safety and control on slippery surfaces.

The Hyuhome bike has bright LED headlights so you can have a mind-boggling ride at night time. It has three cycling modes; PAS mode, electric mode, and human riding mode. You can choose from a mode that suits your needs.

IC Electric Bike

ic electric bike

The IC Electric Bike is the best e-bike in terms of looking and performance. It has the sleekest and most modern design. This e-bike is a perfect option for cyclists looking for simplicity, speed, and design.

It incorporates a smart system so you can automate this bike as per your needs. As a result, it can give you a smooth ride. Most importantly, the IC Electric Bike is available for less than £1,000. It is a lightweight e-bike with a 240W electric motor. Moreover, this electric bike has five-spoke 20-inch wheels.

Hirity Electric Bike

The design of the Hirity Electric Bike feels like a mountain bike. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with a 36V battery neatly tucked underneath it. The front suspension is installed for added comfort. This e-bike offers a different range depending on the mode you choose; 15 miles in e-bike mode and 30 miles in assisted mode.

Some of the amazing features include fast battery charging, adjustable saddle height, anti-slip tyres, and ergonomic handlebars. It also offers other safety features such as a bright LED headlamp and a horn. Hirity Electric Bike is available for £739.99 in the UK. The front shock of the e-bike is made of high-strength carbon steel. Also, it is fully packed with high-quality comfort shock absorption.

Swifty Electric Bike

swifte electric bike

Swifty electric bike is another great e-bike in the UK. It has lightweight aluminum and comes with 27.5-inch wheels. Moreover; the terrain tyres offer added stability and grip. It has a 36V lithium-ion battery that delivers an average range of 30 miles. This amazing e-bike is available for only £713.49, making it one of the cheapest electric bikes in the UK.

Some of the key features of the Swifty Electric Bike include 3 assist modes and Shimano 7-speed gears. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the motor and battery. You can assemble the Swifty Electric Bike in easy steps. Also, you can seek a dedicated support helpline.

Assist Hybrid Electric Bike

Available for less than £600, Assist Hybrid Electric Bike is a great one at such an affordable price point. Moreover, it is one of the best electric bikes for under £600 in the United Kingdom.

This electric bike has a maximum range of up to 20 miles. Also, it offers fast charging (2-3 hours), plus it has a removable battery for your ease. You can get the battery fully charged without any effort. It has a whopping speed of 15.5 mph, but you can go faster if you select to pedal it quicker. For this reason, the Assist Hybrid Electric Bike is one of the best e-bike options in the UK.

Are you in the market looking for the cheapest electric bikes? You can choose from our list of the top 5 cheapest electric bikes in the UK. All of these e-bikes come with lots of features. Indeed, they are a good value for money, helping you save bucks in the long run.

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